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Your tech startup doesn't need just another "growth hacker". You need a sustainable system for growth and user retention. Growth is not about hacks but building sustainable models and constant experimentation.

I help tech startups rapidly scale via the AARRR growth framework. This is a proven model to optimize your business in the areas of Acquisition, Activation, Retention, Referral and Revenue.

I serve as your fractional CMO or on-demand growth expert. As a serial entrepreneur with over 15 years of experience (and actively running two companies), I focus on building and scaling early-stage startups to growth-stage businesses.

I will evaluate your business model then develop a growth playbook including an actionable task list of growth experiments to optimize every stage of the funnel.

Companies I've Launched and Scaled

Moving the needle from 0 to 1


MadKudu is a real-time API that tells you the value of your prospects wherever they are. Leverage this engine to simplify your workflows on any channel and unlock revenue across the entire buyer journey.


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Marc is very knowledgable in growth hacking. His wide toolkit makes him a terrific asset for startups looking for someone to help them grow their business. He manages to consistently come up with improvements to his processes and is always looking for more to do. I would thus highly recommend Marc.

Francis Brero

Cofounder of MadKudu

Marc Howard is one of the best growth marketers I know. I've watched him move the needle in a range of businesses and industries. He's always building clever strategies for partnerships, viral marketing, PR hacking, and more. Marc is also a serial entrepreneur, so he truly understands his clients' needs. I highly recommend Marc.

Mike Lingle

Chief Growth Officer and Crypto Lead at ExO Works

Plans & Pricing

Growth Playbook


Your Custom Playbook

75-minute personalized assessment via video.

Review of current marketing initiatives

Receive a playbook, or blueprint, for implementation.

Receive my Growth Experiments QuickStart template

Money-back guarantee. If you are unhappy, get a full refund.

Growth Pioneer


Every month

Stay on Course

Monthly, 60-minute guidance sessions via video conference

Unlimited email support during the month.

Actionable items assigned each session to ensure progress.

Cancel anytime

Growth Pilot


Every month

Your Personal Guide

By Invitation Only (Following 60+ days in Growth Pioneer).

Custom program developed with your leadership.

Access to my partner network, as appropriate.

Weekly meetings ensuring consistent, on-going support.

Can't decide? Don't hesitate to contact me!


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